KCR_Gajwel_BRSThe chief minister of Telangana, and also the commander in chief of BRS, KCR has been trying his hand at national politics with BRS. But incidentally, KCR is facing a difficult situation in his own assembly constituency as his party counsellors are acting against the party interests.

BRS counsellors are filing motion of no confidence against the municipal chairman’s strengthened by their own party. This incident recently happened in Cherial of Telangana. And now, it has happened at the home constituency of KCR, Gajwel.

In Gajwel, BRS counsellors have filed no confidence motion against BRS municipal chairman. They’ve done so, right after the tenure fixed by the state government for the chairman drew to a close.

The counsellors have claimed that the state government is doing all it can to ensure the progress of the state but these chairmen are sucking public money.

The BRS top brass is said to be scratching their heads on how to deal with this backlash from their own party counsellors and that too in KCR’s home constituency.