Revanth-reddy political career crisisKodangal MLA Revanth Reddy who was arrested in Cash for Vote case had put his political career in crisis. Telangana Rashtra Samiti government is planning to cancel his Assembly candidature for the involvement in the corruption case.

There are instances in the past tainted MPs had their candidatures cancelled. TRS government is also thinking on the same lines. At the same time, TDP is also making swift moves in this issues. They are planning to get Revanth Reddy resigned and contest again in the bielection.

Such move has both the pros and cons. TRS will give its level best to win the seat and if it happens, it will be end of Revanth Reddy’s political career. If he manages to win, it will repair the damage as well as improve the confidence of TDP. If facing the election is inevitable, Revanth may choose resignation as it would give him an edge.