Revanth Reddy Targets KCR But Hits BJPThe recently appointed PCC President Revanth Reddy has met TDP Veteran leader Devender Goud and invited him into the party. Devender Goud is politically inactive but his sons are in BJP right now. They are actively considering joining Congress.

The Rebel leadership of Revanth Reddy is exciting for both of them. Further they have already worked Revanth when the latter is in TDP. This is very much the scene in all the districts. Many TDP leaders have joined BJP and are now looking at Congress.

Those in TRS will not take the call until just before the election so as not to lose the Ruling Party advantage. So, Revanth Reddy has become a problem for BJP more than TRS as of now. Revanth Reddy is more focused on hitting KCR but the pain is felt to the Saffron party.

BJP leadership is hoping that the exodus would stop after Huzurabad By-election if Congress comes third.