TDP-MLA-Revanth-Reddy-Boycotts KCR power point presentationThe Telangana state assembly meeting was full of surprises earlier today. After a brief discussion about various important issues, it was the turn of chief minister KCR to surprise everyone with a varied power point presentation.

The charismatic leader presented a detailed analysis about different irrigation projects through a stylized power point presentation especially made by TRS party. As the colourful slides were rolling, KCR gave in depth detail about how the government of Telangana will go about executing these projects in the future with minimum costs.

Even tough the innovative way of showcasing government’s plans attracted everyone, opposition party leader, Revanth Reddy was quick to pounce on KCR. In his speech, Revanth criticized the TRS party and KCR that it is of no use to just showcase swanky slides through technology and one needs to prove them wrong by implementing them in real life.

The entire house raised huge slogans to this and supported KCR. Some leaders also opposed Revanth by saying what will he say about his own leader Chandra Babu, who always uses the help of IT field to showcase his own plans.

What ever might be the fights, incidents like these showcase a point of view of the government and also suggest that what ever help you take through technology and IT, one needs to really come out into the real world and fulfil their promise given to the common folks.