Anumula-Revanth-ReddyThe polling for the prestigious Munugode By-election has concluded the other day. The verdict of the voters is sealed in the EVMs and will be out on November 6th.

All the exit polls are predicting a comfortable victory for TRS even though BJP gave a strong fight. Congress continues to be in the third position in all the elections.

This will be a huge blow to PCC President Revanth Reddy. Congress has been on a downhill ever since Revanth Reddy took over.

The situation is partly due to things in his control and partly due to things out of his control.

Coming to things in his control, Revanth Reddy took the rivalry with KCR more seriously than anything. Congress fielded weak candidates in Dubbaka and Huzurabad to defeat TRS.

TRS was defeated but Congress got confined to the third position. But by the time, he realized that (Munugode), it is too late.

For things out of control, Revanth never really got any support from the seniors in the party. They tried to pull him down always while they themselves are incapable.

The 2023 election will be between TRS and BJP. Shameful results await Congress and that would leave Revanth Reddy at crossroads.

That said despite having oratory skills, charisma, and hard-working nature, Revanth Reddy continues to struggle ever since the separate state is announced. It all started with cash for note and he has himself to blame.