Revanth Reddy Effect In AP?Ever since the state bifurcation, everyone thought Congress is finished in both the Telugu states. There is little hope when it comes to Telangana. But in two elections after the bifurcation, Congress only managed to come a distant second in the state assembly.

Things have turned even worse after the 2018 elections with all the leaders leaving the party. But all of sudden, the Congress high command appointed Revanth Reddy as the PCC President. It has rejuvenated the Congress cadre in the state and there is little hope for the future now.

We do not know if Revanth can change the fortunes of Congress but his appointment at least gave a chance. It looks like observing the things in Telangana Congress, the party high command seems to be hoping for a chance of revival in Andhra Pradesh as well. Reports are that Rahul Gandhi will very soon visit Vishakapatnam and stage a protest against the Privatization of the Steel Plant.

Vishaka Steel Plant was inaugurated in 1971 during Indira Gandhi’s time and the works began in the 1980s and the production began from the 1990s. Congress Party played a significant role in the Steel Plant and so, Rahul wants to use the issue to connect with the people of Andhra.