Revanth Reddy Arrest breaking newsAhead of the crucial MLC elections tomorrow, TDP Firebrand MLA Revanth Reddy got arrested by Anti-Corruption Bureau. In what appeared like a film story, ACB claims that they have audio and video proof that Revanth Reddy tried to bribe nominated MLA with 50 Lakhs to vote in TDP+BJP candidate while the total deal is of 5 Crore.

However the entire episode looks fishy as Telangana government always has the history of troubling Revanth Reddy who was the lone big voice for TDP in Telangana. Even though, Revanth Reddy tried to bribe the nominated MLA, one would wonder why he takes the money to the MLA himself when all the political parties have well knitted network to take up such money transactions.

However this arrest will intimidate opposition MLAs ahead of the crucial polls. There may be even more defections to the ruling party which is trying all the tricks in the trade to win the fifth MLC seat even after having enough numbers.