Revanth Reddy Advances Congress Joining Muhurath?Revanth Reddy has resigned to TDP (TS) and also resigned as the MLA of Kodangal. It is more or less confirmed that he will be joining Congress next. A formal announcement will be made by him in the meeting of his supporters later today.

Earlier, the plan is to join Congress in the presence of Rahul Gandhi at a Public Meeting in Warangal on November 9th. But then, the joining is advanced now. He will join Congress on Tuesday itself going to Delhi in the presence of Rahul Gandhi

Congress is hoping that Revanth Reddy’s joining will change its fortunes in the state. He is that one Baahubali for which the party is waiting for a long time. But then, it will all depend on the result of Kodangal By-Election which will come anytime in the next six months.