ghmc elections hoardings wall hyderabad warningRecenly, the notification for the GHMC elections has been issued by the commissioner. Everywhere in Hyderbad parties are getting ready for the battle by scaling up the publicity. Hyderabad city is shrouded in galore of hoardings by ruling party.

On the other hand, the residents of the twin cities are ushering their discomfort in several ways on this type of publicity. Irritated by this unconventional methods of promotions, the Lakshmi Nagar colony people hoarded a banner in which they sternly objected the sticking of posters or rising slogans in their colony is strictly prohibited.

They even threatened the candidates with following line saying that whoever deviate the above line of conduct will not be voted by residents as decided in the community meeting. After seeing this everyone is feeling that why can’t we take a stand like that to get rid of nonsense.