Renuka ChowdhuryThere is nothing wrong in going out for a dinner date with family and having a nice time. But what is wrong is the way one treats his/her domestic employees. Former Union Minister Renuka Chowdhury is slammed for the way she treated her son-in-law’s nanny.

In a picture which went viral, we see Renuka dining with family and the child’s nanny is seen standing behind with her arms folded. Naturally Renuka Chowdhury was slammed for her insensitive behaviour towards the girl who is kept standing while the family is savoring their dinner.

Once been the Union Minister of State for Women and Child Welfare, this is least expected from a woman of her cadre who is known to speak her mind and branded as fire-brand lady in Congress Party. The pic that went viral speaks on how we are keeping clinging to the remnants of slavery though we speak about progressive mindsets. All seems to be quasi-progressive!