Remove Volunteers If They Are Not Obedient: MinisterMinister and YSR Congress Vishakapatnam district incharge minister, Karanam Dharmasri made controversial comments at the Yalamanchili constituency Plenary meeting.

“Volunteers have been appointed by the recommendation of YSR Congress leaders. They should work for the party. If they do not listen, party workers should write their names and give,” the minister said.

These comments of the minister reflect the ground reality. Taking honorarium from the public exchequer, these volunteers are acting as YSR Congress agents.

In the recent Atmakur by-election, there are many instances of volunteers working in favor of the ruling party by bringing voters to the polling booths and making them vote for the YSR Congress candidate, Vikram Reddy.

In some places, volunteers even sat as the party’s agents in the polling booths.

The pressure on the volunteers will become even more intense as elections draw closer.

They have got a hold of the voters and their data by each volunteer micromanaging 50 houses.

Opposition parties should be vigilant during the elections.

They should also fight until Election Commission keep the volunteers away from the elections.