Live-in_Relationship-Supreme_Court_of_IndiaThe Supreme Court fired on a petitioner for filing a PIL, requesting the court to mandate registration of couples that are in a live-in relationship and haven’t yet married.

The petitioner stated to the court that “It is important that all the couples in a live-in relationship should register their relationship status. This will help curb the cases of domestic violence in the country”.

It was added that the registration process will help keep track of live-in couples which will help the law identify the culprits in case there’s a conflict.

However, this anguished the apex court. “How do you think we should register these cases? Who would even approached the concerned authorities for this registration? Do you expect the central government to keep track of these registrations?”.

The court added that it is not possible to keep track of such developments, particularly so, given the sheer volume of the couples in live-in relationships these days.