Reddys Unhappy, Kammas Fuming: 2024 Not Easy For JaganIt looks like Jagan Mohan Reddy is on a self-goal scoring spree. It is an open secret that dominant communities of the state, Reddys, and Kammas back YSR Congress and TDP respectively.

Late YSR always ensured that he has cordial relations with Kammas. We used to see Kamma leaders like Kavuri, Rayapati, Daggubati (Purandeshwari), and Lagadapati support him while in power.

But then, for some reason, his son, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is totally averse to the community.

We have seen him try to portray the community as a villain to the state just to target Chandrababu Naidu.

After coming to power, Jagan made all attempts to destroy the financial roots of the community.

After the recent cabinet expansion, there is no Kamma representation in the cabinet. This is the first cabinet to have no Kamma ministers after the independence.

Obviously, Kammas are fuming and will naturally back TDP in the coming elections.

To take on the community, Jagan should have the backing of Reddys. But there are doubts if they will support him so overwhelmingly as in the past.

Many Reddy leaders have spent huge money for YSR Congress in the opposition. Many even spent big money to execute many works in the government. But these bills are pending for ages.

Many of them are financially struggling. Except for a few, the community is not happy with Jagan’s rule.

In the recent cabinet expansion, Jagan only has three cabinet berths in the Reddy community, one less than what they used to have in Chandrababu’s rule.

So, it is doubtful if Reddys will rally around Jagan like how they did in 2019. Furthermore, Jagan just consolidated the support of Kammas to Chandrababu.