Reddys And Kammas Fuming On JaganReddys and Kammas are on either side of Andhra Pradesh politics for years together and are a very important part of state politics.

Kammas used to be with communists at the start and later shifted to TDP after the decline of the Red parties. Reddys are with Congress and later moved with Jagan Mohan Reddy after YSR’s demise.

But both the communities feel neglected in the recent cabinet expansion.

Except for Reddys, no other OC community got a place in the cabinet.

There is no representation of Kamma, Vaishya, Brahmin, and Kshatriya communities.

This is the first time since independence, that there is no Kamma representation in a cabinet regardless of which party is in power. They feel neglected now.

Reddys, the community of the Chief Minister is not happy either. The community has got four ministers in Chandrababu‘s regime but only got three in this expansion.

Several senior leaders from the community were ignored in the name of calculations

But then, “The fact is that the Chief Minister wants dummies. So that the CMO can micromanage everything So he is not giving proper chances to seniors,” the community feels.

But then, at least the Reddy community is making a merry in the nominated posts with nine out of every ten posts going to that community. Kamma community is totally alienated.