It is known that Andhra Pradesh government has decided to sell the Red Sander logs seized from smugglers to aide the deficit economy of the state and carry out the loan waiver promised to farmers. The government has decided to sell the 8541.1363 Metric tonnes of Red Sander through global e-tenders. In the first phase 4000 metric tonnes of red sander will be sold in the auction. Here is the price decided by the government

Non Grade Red Sander: 7 Lakhs per metric ton
C Grade Red Sander: 8 Lakhs per metric ton
B Grade Red Sander: 10 Lakhs per metric ton
A Grade Red Sander: 12 Lakhs per metric ton

Red sander is a versatile wood which can withstand deformities even in harsh temperatures and humidity. But the tree grows slowly and needs many decades to become thick. Despite being tough,it is easy to carve so it is prime choice in International market for making exquisite sculptures. It is only found in the southern parts of Andhra Pradesh and a few northern regions of the neighbouring Tamil Nadu.