Red Sandal Smuggler Kollam Gangireddy photosNotorious Red Sandal Smuggler Kollam Gangireddy who was arrested in Mauritius few months ago is on his way to AP. Mauritius Police handed him over to a special team of AP CID. They have started from Mauritius few minutes ago and will be reaching Delhi on Sunday and from there they will be bringing him to the state.

Gangireddy was once the Gun man of YSR’s father, Raja Reddy. With this acquaintance, YSR Government got a GO in 2004 which released Gangireddy from jail on humanitarian grounds even though he is not eligible.

Gangireddy was arrested in 1992 in connection of an industrialist’s murder and he was sentenced to Life imprisonment in 1998. Gangireddy after his release expanded his smuggling empire to international level. And there are several number of cases including attempt to murder on Chandrababu Naidu were filed on him later. Gangireddy and his men reportedly also funded to several YSR Congress candidates of Rayalaseema as per TDP claims.