Red-Light Area Loses Its Light Due to DemonetizationModi’s fight against black money and the fake currency has hit the Sex worker colonies. Due to the Cash Crunch, there is a huge drop in the visits as this business runs on the liquid cash. Agents of these colonies say that people either do not have the new currency in hand or have the old notes which are not accepted at the colonies.

In the beginning of the ban, sex workers denied accepting 500 and 100 notes as they are no longer valid but now they were advised to accept them too which still is not driving customers to them. They say that people are short of 100’s and are saving them for the purchase of basic needs rather than spending them for entertainment.

It really is a hard time for these people and even to deposit or exchange the money as they wouldn’t be able to produce required proofs. Agents of the Red-Light area said that the workers are leaving to their natives due to the crunch in business.