Record Vs Response: Sharmila's DilemmaYSR Telangana Party President YS Sharmila is in the middle of a walkathon in Telangana in a bid to come to power in Telangana. It’s been around three weeks since the Padayatra but there is zero buzz in the people and political circles.

There is no proper media coverage as well. There is a strong buzz that Sharmila will stop the Padayatra on one reason or the other. She has got that reason finally. The Padayatra was halted due to the MLC Elections Code in the state. Social media is abuzz that she would not resume the Padayatra even after the elections.

But then, that would be a dilemma for Sharmila. On one hand, the lack of proper response will be a disappointment but then, the sentiment of Late YSR and Brother Jagan Mohan Reddy coming to power after doing Padayatras will be tempting for her.

When announced, Sharmila was supposed to cover 4,000 kilometers in 400 days covering 90 (out of 119) assembly constituencies and 14 (out of 17) parliamentary constituencies. If completed, Sharmila’s Padayatra will be the longest in the history of the Telugu politics.