Balapur Ganesh LadduThe Tradition of Laddu Auction at Balapur Ganesh is on for 25 Years and the Laddu auction continues to create a new record every year. In 2019, the Laddu was picked up for 16.6 Lakhs. The auction did not happen last year due to Corona. The organizers have given the laddu to Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao directly.

This year, bettering the 2019 record, Kolanu Ram Reddy managed to get it with the highest bid of 18.9 Lakhs. Kadapa MLC Ramesh Yadav and Marri Shashank Reddy of Nadulgul have got the laddu in the auction.

The Laddu is considered very auspicious and lucky. It will be distributed to the friends and well-wishers after performing puja and it will also be sprinkled in the fields for a better crop. If locals win the Laddu, they will have time until next year to pay the money. Non-locals will have to pay the amount then and there itself.

Meanwhile, Huge arrangements and security were deployed in Hussainsagar and various tanks in Hyderabad to ensure that the immersion happens peacefully. Most of the Ganeshas will complete the Nimajjanam today itself but the immersion of a few will continue until tomorrow as well.