Pawan_Kalyan_Naga_BabuPawan Kalyan is one of the highest-paid actors in the Telugu film industry.

He commanded huge remuneration than any of the stars until the Pan-India trend started recently.

But Nagababu says Pawan Kalyan did not amass any assets or properties.

“He gets huge money but spends most of them on the party and charity besides his personal maintenance. He is not into money making,” Nagababu said.

“When an acre in Madhapur cost One Lakh Rupees, he could have easily bought 100 acres with One Crore Rupees. But he did not because he believed he could arm-twisted with those lands. He believed those who want to fight for the people should not have assets,” Nagababu added.

Pawan Kalyan announced quitting films in 2018 but then, he resumed them after 2019 saying that he can not run the party without funds from films.