Reason Behind Pawan Kalyan and Chandrababu Fallout RevealedJanasena President Pawan Kalyan who lent his shoulder to Chandrababu Naidu in 2014 elections co-operated with the State Government since March this year. But he suddenly distanced himself and is making severe allegations on Naidu’s regime since then.

The other day, Pawan Kalyan himself hinted the reason for the fallout between them. “I wanted to contest in 60-70 seats in 2014 elections and said the same to Chandrababu. He urged me not to contest saying that votes will split and benefit YSR Congress,” Pawan Kalyan said.

“He promised to accommodate Rajya Sabha seats to me but never kept his word,” Pawan Kalyan added. TDP has announced two Rajya Sabha MPs on March 11th and Pawan Kalyan lambasted TDP left right and center the very next day at the Public Meeting on the occasion of Janasena Formation Day.

Pawan Kalyan may be very upset about being left out and may have developed animosity for Naidu. “Until now, he is saying he has extended unconditional support for TDP in 2014. The mask has fallen now,” TDP leaders are criticizing.