Apple Pumping Billions Apple and Amazon are all set to have theatrical releases of select movies this coming season. Well, surely that comes as big news, though not surprising in the way the world of cinema has shaped up post-pandemic.

Around 2021, and 2022, big studios believed theatres would be a ‘thing of the past,’ what with streaming services making a huge splash. Post-pandemic, too, it was widely felt that the ‘culture of theatre-going’ was not going to return as it once was.

But some theatrical releases proved otherwise, and the studios started seeing the silver lining finally. Of course, they were trying hard to go beyond comics, horror, and superheroes. Realizing the potential this time around, Apple and Amazon will now have theatrical releases in thousands of theatres of their films and will probably eventually venture into distribution.

For starters, Apple plans to release Martin Scorsese’s movie a month ahead of releasing it on Apple TV+. It will also do the same with a film on Napolean by Ridley Scott and a couple of Brad Pitt movies.

As for Amazon, it released the biggest box office hit of the year Creed III and is about to put a Ben Affleck movie Air in 3000 theatres. In short, both Apple and Amazon are going to spend $ 1 billion a year on movies that get a proper theatrical release.

However, one important point to note is that neither Apple nor Amazon has the teams to handle distribution on such a large scale, which is why Warner Bros has agreed to distribute Scorsese’s film, though the focus will be on movies that will draw audiences to the theatres.