The ever enthusiastic real estate business owners are in utter disarray and confusion. The realtors of the area saw tremendous business potential in the state with a new capital coming up. However political rumours have completely ruined their businesses. First they said Donakonda is the next capital as the news flowed in, realtors landed there are invested 100s of crores in a zero potential area. Now Donakonda is ruled out almost resulting in heavy losses.

Later TDP government including Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu hinted at the capital coming between Vijayawada and Guntur, now thousands of crores were invested but again they were in doubt with Siva Rama Krishnan committee not being in favourable of VGTM for the capital. The committee had suggested Marutur, Vinukonda areas suitable for the capital and real estate owners are in mad rush to those places to invest. As a result of these confusion, several real estate owners are expected to go bankrupt once the capital is officially announced.