Pawan_Kalyan_Ali_JaganJanaSena chief Pawan Kalyan and Ali were once very good friends. But that’s a thing in the past now as YCP chief Jagan has pitted Ali against Pawan Kalyan.

In what could be considered a very interesting statement, Ali has stated that he is ready to contest against Pawan Kalyan.

When asked if he would contest against Pawan Kalyan, Ali replied “Friendship is different and political aspirations are different. We often see two people from the same family voting for different parties. Likewise is my stance on PK. I am ready to contest against him”.

Adding further, Ali said “if Jagan asks me to contest against Pawan Kalyan, I’m up for it. I’ll contest from whichever constituency that Jagan asks me to.”

This is leaving a section of netizens shocked as they weren’t expecting Ali, who was once one of the closest friends of Pawan, now coming out and openly saying he is ready to contest against the latter.

Incidentally, Ali had recently invited Pawan Kalyan to his daughter’s wedding, but the latter didn’t attend it. Netizens are now commenting this is an indication of the strained relationship between them.