Rs 2,000 Pink Notes Going Viral on Web - RBI New CurrencyHeard of Pink money yet? Yes, you got it right. Pink Money! It has become a hot topic on the internet now. Reserve Bank of India is going to introduce Rs 2,000 currency notes which are going to be pink in color. Looks like Indian currency would become colorful. Pictures of these Pink Rs 2,000 notes are being posted and shared all over the internet.

Though there are clever minds recommending to cease off the printing of high-value denominations to knock off the black money, there are also people in fact majority, who are excited to get these notes out. On the other hand, this hearsay has not been validated by the Indian government yet.

Reports on web state that the printing is done at Mysuru currency printing facility. As per The Hindu Business Line & international business times, this currency has been dispatched and would be in circulation in nearby future.