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RBI Issues New Note Without Gandhi’s Photo

RBI Issues Rs 2000 New Note Without Gandhi's PhotoThis is the third month for Demonetisation since Narendra Modi announced note ban. RBI was then under tremendous pressure in replacing the banned notes which led to many errors in the new notes especially the 500 notes.

Now people are relieved to some extent from the cash crunch with the increased limit of withdrawal and supply of new notes. But did these silly prinitng mistakes end, probably not. A couple of farmers of Madya Pradesh were given new 2000 notes by SBI which doesnt have Gandhiji’s photo on it. Isn’t the note real? it is real and original but there is a printing mistake again.

Poor farmers were perplexed and scared looking at those Gandhi less pale pink notes upon which they went back to the bank and the notes were taken back by the bankers. Bank officials, as reported, said that such kind of notes has been in circulation for quite a long and the printing mistakes still pinch them once in a while.