Razole: Rapaka Vs GollapalliRapaka Vara Prasada Rao is the only leader who has won on the Janasena ticket. He has deserted Janasena and is continuing as an unofficial YSRCP MLA.

Janasena supporters are fuming at Rapaka and are trying their level best to pull him down politically. At the same time, he is not receiving any support from the YSR Congress cadre as well.

However, Janasena does not have any leadership here.

At this juncture, TDP leader Gollapalli Surya Rao is taking advantage of this situation.

He is constantly making corruption allegations against Rapaka.

TDP has brought an allegation that Rapaka is constructing a house with 70 Crore and has blackmailed some people for sand and iron.

This allegation has gone into the public and Rapaka is facing the heat.

Rapaka is also making allegations about Surya Rao but they are not so effective as they are things of the past.

If TDP and Janasena contest together, this constituency will be an easy win for whichever party that gets to contest.

Even if they contest independently, Janasena supporters may work against Rapaka which will help TDP’s victory.

Ever since the inception of TDP, the party has won five elections in the constituency with Gollapalli winning once in 2014. Rapaka has won two times previously on a Congress ticket in 2009.