Ravi Prakash Reveals His Future PlansIt is known to our readers that TV9 Former CEO Ravi Prakash is granted bail by the Telangana High Court in the cases of forgery and Funds Misuse by the new management, Alanda Media. The court asked Ravi Prakash to attend before the Police once a week and also instructed him not to leave the country with the court permission.

Ravi Prakash is currently working on his next project and rumors are rife that a new channel launch is round the corner. Speaking to a media journalist, Ravi Prakash himself revealed this. “I have my own plans and I will come out with them in August. I plan to start a Television channel, a newspaper, and a web platform,” he said.

He also vehemently rejected when questioned that BJP will bail him out of these cases and help in his new channel launch. Ravi Prakash also added that he will not be confined to the Telugu space. “I want to go beyond that. I have the experience of 15 years and I am confident that I will make fewer mistakes this time. What I build now will be with a global perspective,” he added.

Our readers are aware that Alanda Media which has taken over TV9 ousting Ravi Prakash booked three criminal cases against him.