Rats Bite Patient Fingers In Warangal HospitalA shocking incident took place at the Warangal MGM Hospital. Rats have bitten the hands and leg fingers of a patient in RICU. This caused him to bleed profusely.

Going into detail, Srinivas of Bhimara, Hanmakonda district is suffering from lung and kidney-related problems. He was admitted to Warangal MGM four days ago after suffering from shortness of breath.

He was shifted to MGM hospital after being treated at a private hospital for the past few days. The patient is being treated in the ICU as the condition is serious.

On the first day of admission to the MGM, Srinivas was bitten by a rat on the fingers of his right hand. Immediately the family members brought it to the attention of the doctors.

The doctors treated him and bandaged the injured fingers. But that’s not the end of the horror. He also suffered severe bleeding once again this morning after rats again a bit on his left hand as well as toes and heel.

Doctors re-bandaged and provided treatment. Family members are worried as Srinivas is bleeding profusely. They have complained to RMO Murali. After inspecting the ICU, he said measures would be taken to control the rats.