TV9_India_No_1_News_ChannelTV9 has been the Number one News Channel consistently for many years. But the channel is losing relevance in recent times.

For many weeks, NTV has become the most-watched News Channel in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. What is more alarming is that the gap between NTV and TV9 is widening every week.

NTV grabbed the opportunity and has put up hoardings across both the Telugu states claiming their Number One position.

At this juncture, TV9 had come up with an interesting strategy. Today it has given full-page ads on the Frontpage of Eenadu, the most circulated Newspaper in AP and Telangana.

It has claimed in the advertisement that TV9 Network is the most-watched News network across the country.

The ratings of TV9 (multiple channels in various languages) and other national channels were shown in comparison.

With the caption ‘Puttindhi Telugu Gadda pai, Eluthundhi Desanni..’, they carried a map of India with AP and Telangana highlighted.

Marketing analysts say The ‘1’ and the map of AP and Telangana were intentionally highlighted to give an impression to the public that TV9 is Number one channel in AP and Telangana.

It is a checkmate to NTV’s promotional campaign.