TV9 Ratings WarBARC released the ratings of News Channels for week 20 of 2023 (May 13th to May 19th) in the 15+ Years Category.

Like the last week, TV9 is in the first position followed by NTV.

After being a market leader for many years, TV9 lost its position to NTV in the last couple of years. NTV used to maintain a decisive lead over TV9 in those weeks. TV9 came first once again last week and this week too.

It is interesting to note the lead is very slender. The last week, the difference was just 1.6 GRPs, and this week, the gap narrowed further to 1.1 GRPs.

TV9 started a massive promotional blitzkrieg over the achievement, calling the Number one position the triumph over the conspiracies.

But the gap is too low to boast about any achievement.

The campaign if correlated with the actual difference in the GRPs would show TV9 as desperate.

But any difference is a difference and No.1 is always No.1 even with a fraction, they may be thinking.

On the other hand, TV5 is in the third position followed by V6 and ABN in fourth and fifth. Sakshi is struggling in the seventh position as has been the case for many months.