Rana DaggubatiThink Cyberabad and one immediately associate it with Chandra Babu Naidu. Hyderabad has emerged as the Singapore of our country due to the vision of Chandrababu Naidu twenty years back.

In fact, Chandra Babu was so popular before the break-up of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh, none could envision Hyderabad without him. Even after many years of split, people still continue to tell stories of how Chandra Babu had transformed Hyderabad into a hi-tech city and a world IT hub.

But the rival party politicians always try to belittle Chandrababu Naidu’s contribution to making Hyderabad great. On and off social media, we have seen how everyone wants to take credit for Hyderabad’s development. Some even mention that it was Nedurumalli Janardhan Reddy who laid the foundation for making Hyderabad an IT hub.

But many celebrities and politicians have acknowledged CBN’s contribution time and again. We have seen clips of politicians and stars going viral where he has given credit to Chandrababu Naidu for bringing the IT sector to Hyderabad. Now the latest to get added to the bandwagon is Rana Daggubati.

He recently did a show on which the host spoke about the development of Hyderabad and Rana was quick to point out that Chandrababu Naidu was a visionary and he was greatly responsible for making Hyderabad a truly cosmopolitan city.