Ex-TRS member, Vijayasanthi, has blasted KCR with queries, in front of media, over the issue of TRS’ merger with Congress. TRS chief, K Chandrashekar Rao, has recently given a red signal to Congress over merging TRS with Congress because of various reasons.

Vijayasanthi says one reason for KCR showing the thumbs down for merger could be her joining of Congress party after she was suspended from TRS. For that, she said that she is ready to quit the Congress party if only that could lead the merger of the two parties. She also said that KCR has made many false promises and has raised a question about how people can trust him after his failure to fulfil promises.

Why did KCR even celebrate the bifurcation when he knew that Congress has not completely satisfied the T state agreement, she interrogated. Showing full support towards Congress, Vijayasanthi claimed that Sonia Gandhi is god-like and it was wrong on part of KCR to betray her.