Margadarsi-Chit-Funds-Ramoji-raoAPCID went all the way to Delhi and conducted a Press conference explaining the Margadarshi issue. The plan is to garner the attention of the National media so that they cover the issue and put pressure on the Central Government.

There were attempts to ensure only Sakshi is allowed to the Press conference to avoid questions from the other media houses. Along with English and Hindi Channels and Newspapers, only Sakshi is allowed inside.

APCID Chief N Sanjay addressed the National media later. He went on to deliver a speech saying that Margadarshi did not bother about the law and resorted to many violations etc.

He also asked Central agencies like ED and IT to investigate deep into the issue.

Later, he took the questions from the National media. They asked how many depositors have complained about the irregularities until now.

Admitting that there are no complaints so far, the CID chief argued, “Should we wait until the innocent depositors are cheated and the company escapes? Then the Government should pay to the small depositors like in the case of Agrigold. We have acted only on the complaint of the Stamps and Registrations IG”.

The media personnel also asked about the quantum of the fraud as the CID checked into the books of Margadarshi.

Despite asking the question multiple times, Sanjay struggled to give an answer and tried to skip the question.

It looks like it is a clear attempt to clear confusion among the depositors and make sure they attack Margadarshi for their money. Probably, CID exhausted all options to pin down Ramoji Rao and is now seeking the help of Central Agencies.

The final target is the Eenadu Group and getting it on its side ahead of the elections in Andhra Pradesh.