VijaySai-Reddy-Ramoji-RaoVijayasai Reddy has been ranting against Eenadu Group Chairman Ramoji Rao ever since Eenadu revealed some of his shoddy land deals in Vishakapatnam.

Addressing Ramoji Rao as Ramu, Vijayasai Reddy is indulging in name-calling, abuses, personal remarks, and baseless allegations. Ramoji Rao is maintaining restraint and is countering this only with facts.

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Today he published a story about how Vijayasai Reddy’s son-in-law, Rohit Reddy is also involved in the Delhi Liquor Scam.

Rohit Reddy’s brother, Sarath Chandra Reddy is involved in the scam and has been arrested. YSRCP is trying to dodge the case saying that it is not Sai Reddy’s S-I-L who is involved.

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Eenadu published a story revealing how Sarath Chandra Reddy’s company, Trident Chemphar Limited is involved in the case and how Rohit Reddy owned RPR Sons Advisors Pvt Limited is the parent company of Trident Chemphar Limited by holding a 99.99% stake.

Rohit Reddy is the director of RPR since April 21st, 2021. Some other family members were also the directors of the company.

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It is clear that the Trident Chemphar Company, which played a key role in the Delhi liquor scam, belongs to Vijayasai Reddy’s son-in-law Rohit Reddy and his family members.