Ramoji Rao Pushes Back Radhakrishna For the first three years of Jagan’s Rule, ABN Radhakrishna is the only man who stood against a ruthless Jagan Mohan Reddy. Despite the Chief Minister going hammer and tongs on his opponents, RK did not blink and took a stern anti-government stance.

This is even when the Principal Opposition, TDP was also silent and is licking the wounds inflicted by 2019 defeat. ABN and Andhrajyothy are facing numerous defamation and other cases today. We have seen them get slapped by sedition cases as well.

Elections are two years away and political mood in Andhra Pradesh changed suddenly. Anti-incumbency is peaking on Jagan Government due to mistakes commited. TDP is back on track for revival. At this time, Eenadu which was relatively silent for the last three years is back in the scene.

From the last one month or so, we can see Eenadu aggressively going against the Government. Eenadu’s style is that it is not loud like AJ but will hit where it hurts with facts and zero noise. It is doing exactly the same in YS Viveka’s case as well. As a result, we can clearly see the tension on the faces of YSRCP leaders.

But then, with Eenadu’s entry, we can clearly see Ramoji Rao taking the driver’s seat replacing Radhakrishna who was fighting in extreme tough conditions. Probably, that’s the advantage of experience and Brand.