Ramoji rao YS JaganA few days ago, APCID questioned Ramoji Rao in Margadarsi Case. 86 year old Ramoji Rao was bedridden but still CID questioned him. The entire session was videographed.

The Picture of Ramoji Rao on bed was leaked on social media by YSR Congress’s social media teams. There are fingers pointing at the CID for the leak.

And now, a video of Ramoji Rao on the bed and the discussion with the CID officials was leaked now. The video was edited with songs and fast movements to impact the users.

86 year old Ramoji Rao getting bedridden is not anything impossible. So, to curb any chance of sympathy, it was edited to make fun as if the media baron is acting to evade the questioning.

The video was first released by Ram Gopal Varma on his Twitter account and we will have no prizes for guessing how he may have got hands on the video. The video was picked up by YSR Congress’s social media team.

After the video went viral, Ram Gopal Varma deleted the tweet as the purpose got served.

In the entire saga, it is sad to see how the footage supposed to be in CID’s custody ended up in YSR Congress’s camp.

If Ramoji Rao pursues the issue legally, to stay away from trouble, RGV was used to release the video.

If the subsequent governments take a cue from what is happening in this government, we will see more bizarre things in years to come.

“Similar videos may come out after 2024. The videos may be of Avinash Reddy’s in Viveka’s murder case or Jagan’s in his disproportionate assets case,” TDP supporters are warning.