Nadendla ManoharThe AP CID raids and investigation on Margadarsi and Ramoji Rao is the most talked about topic in Telugu circles for the last few days. Incidentally, JanaSena’s Nagababu reacted on the same as he thrashed the YCP government’s targeted approach against a senior statesman like Ramoji Rao.

Usually, Nadendla Manohar is regarded as the No. 2 in JanaSena. If not from Pawan Kalyan, almost all of the other public communications and press releases come from Nadendla in JanaSena.

So, obviously when there’s any backlash for any of JanaSena’s press releases and statements, Nadendla becomes the scapegoat. When JanaSena followers don’t like something about JanaSena’s political actions or media statements, they start firing on Nadendla. There are times when the caste card was also used against Nadendla by angry JanaSena supporters.

But this time around, in the Ramoji Rao issue, Nagababu is facing the heat for commenting in support of Ramoji Rao. Several JanaSena supporters are even questioning his place in the party.

Nadendla, who was on Delhi trip along with Pawan Kalyan has luckily escaped the thrashing. For a change, Nagababu is facing the heat instead of Nadendla.