Ramoji Rao EEnadu Jagan Power tariff increaseThe Andhra Pradesh Government had decided to hike the power charges in the state. The hike will bring a burden of 1,400 Crore Rupees on the people. Eenadu published a banner item about it.

On one side, it has published an article about this hike and on the other side, it has a series of statements of CM Jagan Mohan Reddy on various occasions during the Opposition and after coming to power promising to decrease power charges.

The CM even in his speech after taking oath has mentioned decreasing the power charges.

Incidentally, this latest hike is the seventh hike after Jagan came to power. YSR Congress supporters are naturally enraged at Eenadu for carrying Jagan’s statements about power charges.

They are comparing Eenadu’s coverage to the coverage on the same issue in Telangana. They allege that Eenadu downplayed the hike in Telangana but blew it out of proportion in AP.

They say the burden of the hike in Telangana is much more than what it is in AP. But then, it may be reminded that Telangana Government did not hike the charges for the last five years.

In AP, the prices are jacked on one name or the other seven times in the last three years.

Even if Eenadu downplayed it, KCR never promised to decrease power charges but Jagan did so. Ultimately people will be concerned only about how their power charges are going to increase.

People will also opine that Jagan has gone back on his promise.

They will be least bothered if KCR and Jagan are the same for Ramoji Rao.

They should either keep quiet on the issue or come up with a sane argument about why Jagan had to go back on his word.