Ram-Mohan-Naidu-Ram Mohan Naidu is one of the most impressive and vocal leaders in TDP. He has won as Srikakulam MP for the second time despite a huge anti-wave to TDP in 2019.

However, it is rumored that Ram Mohan Naidu is keen on contesting for assembly in 2024.

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Being an MP comes with some limitations and will also curtail his growth as a politician.

So, there is pressure from the family to contest for assembly. He will also have a chance to become a minister that way.

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Ram Mohan Naidu will be contesting from the Narasannapeta constituency if Chandrababu agrees.

Ram Mohan’s community is dominant in the constituency.

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The in charge here, former MLA Ramana Murthy is a follower of the Kinjarapu family and so, will be vacating the seat if Ram Mohan Naidu wishes to contest.

All is well but such a move will leave TDP wanting a strong candidate for Srikakulam Parliament. So, it has to be seen what Chandrababu Naidu decides.