Ram Mohan Naidu Kinjarapu Says Not Worried About the Center's RetaliationTDP Young MPs – Galla Jayadev and Ram Mohan Naidu lambasted the BJP led Central Government in the Parliament during the debate of No Confidence Motion. Even the Senior Journalists and MPs are taken back by their courage of criticizing the Prime Minister on his face.

In an interview post that radical address in the Parliament, Ram Mohan Naidu was asked if he was worried about the consequences of this outburst in the form of Government Harassment, the young MP from Srikakulam said Not at all.

“Two Things Here. I did not wrong at all and I did not ask anything wrong. If I am at wrong, I would have backed off when the Chief Minister offered the chance. I would have escaped saying that I am a Junior and give the chance to some Senior Member,” Ram Mohan Naidu Bravely said.