Ram Madhav Heads Hyper BJP Leaders Against TDPThe Magic Figure is playing Hide and Seek with BJP in Karnataka Elections. The Saffron Party may fall short of Five seats for the Simple Majority. On the other side, BJP Leaders are becoming Hyper and are hurling abuses and threats on TDP.

They are lead by Andhra Pradesh BJP Incharge Ram Madhav. “In Karnataka, TDP n Chandrababu Naidu have used all tactics to dissuade Telugu voters from supporting BJP. But in Hyderabad Karnataka where most Telugus live, BJP has increased its tally from 6 to 20+. People have rejected CBN’s politics. Our Southward March has begun (sic),” Ram Madhav tweeted.

Ram Madhav was also mentioning about Chandrababu Naidu in all his Media Interviews this morning and hurled veiled attacks on the TDP Supremo. The phrase ‘Our Southward March has begun’ indicates the mood of the BJP Leaders right now.