RGV Cheap StuntsControversial Director Ram Gopal Varma is hungry to stay in news these days. He is resorting to tricks like licking the legs of actresses to some News Coverage.

The director is all set to start his Political film ‘Vyooham’ later this month and he is desperate for some political attention from the media.

He released a video today criticizing Chandrababu Naidu in the recent unfortunate incidents at Kandukur and Guntur.

Ignoring the Government failure and police failure in those incidents, Ramu has taken the YSR Congress line completely and criticized Chandrababu Naidu.

Ramu will now wait for TDP leaders to retaliate so that he can get invites for media debates.

It’s high time RGV realizes he is irrelevant even to films and forgets about politics.

He better tries something off-beat like licking a heroine’s leg and something cheaper to get some publicity.

If he is trying to sell his film by making cheap political comments, it will not work. Audiences have already banned Ramu’s films long ago.

Some people criticize Ramu is trying to get some extra funding from YSRCP by making such attention-seeking comments.