rajaiah arrestedFormer Congress MP, Siricilla Rajaiah who was supposed to be vigorously campaigning for the upcoming Warangal by-election, finds himself behind the bars now. Rajaiah, his wife Madhavi and son Anil were sentenced to 14 days of Police custody after the magistrate was convinced that there was preliminary evidence that they abetted the suicide of Sarika and her kids.

It is yet to be established if that was a suicide or murder but the evidence till now regarding harassment landed them in trouble. We all know that Sarika and her kids were burnt alive just on the day Rajaiah was to file his nomination as Congress candidate.

Following that incident, his candidature was cancelled. Congress party is delaying his suspension from the party as it may hurt SC population in Warangal ahead of the by-election. We have already seen MRPS leader, Mandha Krishna Madhiga coming in support of Rajaiah.