Rahul-Gandhi-kisan yatra in telanganaWonder how one takes up a Padayatra in a car? Can Can if he is the Vice President of Congress Party. Rahul Gandhi had announced a Padayatra to console the families of farmers who committed suicides in Modi’s regime.

The Padayatra which started in Nanded yesterday, took place in Adilabad today. However Rahul Gandhi did now walk here and rode in a swanky SUV to go to the affected families. Congress sources said that Adilabad is a Maoist strong hold area and so Rahul Gandhi is opting for a car due to security reasons. They also add that massive crowds turning out for the padayatra is posing problems.

However the reactions from ground zero are not that great. The entire spirit of Padayatra is foiled by Congress leaders from various districts storming the yatra with Swamky cars and political blitz. On the other side, Rahul Gandhi is giving a cheque of 2 Lakhs for each family in which farmers committed suicide.