Rahul-Gandhi-Viral-Video-That-Was-One-Heck-of-a-Shot!Rahul Gandhi’s memes going viral is not new. The Vice-president of the Congress party has always been in the news for his funny speeches and acts. This video of Rahul beats all of those being the killing of all.

Saw that video? The politician was campaigning in Karnataka as part of his election tour and a fan of the leader can be seen holding a beautiful garland. He waited till the vehicle reached that angular point and threw the garland towards Rahul swiftly. The Garland flew and fell in the neck of Rahul in a shocking way.

That was one heck of a shot. Isn’t it? What was surprising is that the scouts of Rahul weren’t as alert as they need to be. They haven’t even realized that something was thrown on their boss until Rahul was startled and took off the garland immediately. At least he is lucky to get only the flowers unlike the usual honor that the campaigning politicians get; if you know what we mean!