Rahul Gandhi One More Blunder in Andhra PradeshAICC Vice-President Rahul Gandhi will be in Telangana on June 1st, a day ahead of the State Bifurcation. In the meeting, Rahul Gandhi will claim that Congress has got Telangana. Three days after that, Rahul Gandhi will visit Bhimavaram in West Godavari on June 4th.

Visiting AP three days after laying stake on Telangana Formation will only mean that Rahul Gandhi will bring the bad memories of the State Bifurcation to the people here which will only prove detrimental to the party in the truncated State.

Leaders of nearly 14 parties will participate in his tour along with Rahul Gandhi and the Congress Vice-President will press for the Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh. Congress which was the ruling party of AP before 2014 drew a blank in the election after the bifurcation.