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Rahul Leaves Ladies Toilet in Immense Embarrasment

Rahul Gandhi Leaves Ladies Toilet in Immense EmbarrasmentCongress Vice-president Rahul Gandhi fell into critical embarrassment where he entered the ladies toilet in Gujarat, of course, accidentally. He entered the toilet and then realized that it is not his place and reverted immediately but the damage has already occurred.

People took videos and pictures of Rahul entering and coming out of the ladies toilet, then you know what happens. Social media is echoing with the funny comments on the mistake that the Vice-President of the Congress party. Rahul Gandhi, don’t know why always falls into trouble somehow.

Probably, the rich kid couldn’t read the notice written in Gujarati (it read: Ladies toilet) and as seen in the video, his guards were trying to stop him but by then Rahul went in came out with the same speed. Mistakes happen now and then. Big deal?


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