Jagan_Rahul_GandhiRahul Gandhi was disqualified as a member of Lok Sabha as he was convicted of two years imprisonment by a Surat court. What is that case which is so serious and Rahul Gandhi was convicted?

It is a simple defamation case. A complaint was filed by BJP MLA Purnesh Modi for Rahul Gandhi’s alleged remark in 2019 – “How come all thieves have Modi as the common surname?”

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The court finished the trial and sentenced Rahul Gandhi to two years imprisonment.

The court granted him bail and suspended the sentence for 30 days to allow him to appeal in a higher court. But still, Rahul Gandhi is disqualified.

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While the systems were so robust and quick for Rahul Gandhi, Jagan has got eleven CBI cases and seven ED cases for serious economic offenses way back in 2010.

Charge sheets were filed in these cases but the trial did not start yet.

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A1 Jagan Mohan Reddy did not attend a single hearing of the case after becoming the Chief Minister and the courts do nothing about it.

RaGa was disqualified almost immediately to suit the political needs of the BJP. But in the case of Jagan Mohan Reddy, the political calculations are different.

That’s how things work in the country these days!