rahul-gandhi-criticized-paytm-means-pay-for-modiAs India stands in line in support of Narendra Modi’s Demonetization, Opposition Parties including the Congress are hoping that people will backlash against the central government. Congress leaders including Vice President Rahul Gandhi are trying to fan public ire over the Notes Ban.

On the other side, the central government is busy promoting Cashless transactions in order to counter the cash crunch. Rahul Gandhi today criticized PayTM as Pay To Modi service referring to Paytm publishing a huge advertisement congratulating the Prime Minister for Demonetization.

He alleged that Narendra Modi colluded with Corporate companies like Reliance Jio, Paytm etc and banned the 500 and 1000 Notes to help these companies. But then political experts believe that these allegations look hollow and people will see through it.